Extra Credit Post: Greatest Achievement this Semester

This semester my greatest achievement was in my public speaking class. I learned to deal with my shyness and to talk in front of an audience. This class has taught me to overcome my fear of speaking in front of a crowd and also taught me to have better listening skills. I learned to be very attentive of others and give them feedback on their speech. This class will help me with my future career of becoming an occupational therapist. I will be able to talk to patients without stuttering and learn to listen to the patient instead of telling them what to do. In this career field listening and patience is big and so I am glad that I learned these skills in my public speaking class. I did very well on my speeches. We may think that we may never need public speaking skills, but in reality we use it for many things in our daily lives. When we associate others we need to know how to approach someone and speak to them confidently. We may use these skills at work, for a presentation, or even at your friends wedding. Taking this class has increased my self confidence, made me more comfortable in front of other people, and prepare me for the workforce. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. It was also very fun, a lot of speech topics were very fun and enjoyable to listen to. I would take the class again if I could or another communications class to improve my speaking skills.

auditorium benches chairs class
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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